Friday, February 6, 2009


I happen to look into a new book that we received and it has an afghan in it that's big. So I thought to give you the formula for making an afghan bigger or smaller. A good idea is to either write this down or print this page:

1. Take length x width of original afghan = square inches.

2. Take length x width of desired size afghan = square inches.

3. Divide the original yardage by the original afghan square inches = yards per square inch.

4. Multiply the amount of yards per square inch x new afghan square inches.

5. Divide total yards of the new afghan by amount of yards on the yarn ball.

For example: 36 x 45 = 1620 square inches (original afghan size)
Yards needed: 1175 yards

45 x 58 = 2610 square inches (new afghan size)

Take the amount of yards (1175) divide by 1620 (original square inches) = .7253

Takes .7253 x 2610 (new afghan square inches) = 1893 yards.

Now, take the 1893 yards and divide that by the amount of yards that's on the ball. let's say it's 200 yards on the ball. That equals 9.46 balls or rounded up is 10 balls.

See, it really is easy to calculate. You can do the same thing if you're going to scale it down!!