Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Read What You Stitched

Sometimes when we knit or crochet, we tend to lose our way. In former blogs, I suggested how to keep track of your rows.

But let's say you lost your list, and your not sure where you are. With knitting, this is what you do:
Take the needle with stitches and put it in your right hand. Now read what you stitched from the right side of the needle to the left. This way you can look at your instructions and find the row that you just stitched.

The same holds true for crochet. Take your work and lay it down. Read from right to left also. If you know your stitches, then reading them won't be a problem.

It really is simple. If you're not sure, create your own least for one row. Then remove the pattern. Try reading it....then bring back your instructions and see if your correct!
This should be fun!!!

HAPPY STITCHING, my friends.