Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My friend Peggy and I had breakfast this morning. Not unusual, but Peg doesn't work for us anymore and I don't get to see her as often as I like.

At the deli, one of the waitresses came over to me and said: 'Ginny, I think one of your customer's may have left her knitting here yesterday.' So, I checked out the knitting bag and sure enough, it was one of our customer's bags. I gave her a call and she came by and picked it up.

So what's the point of telling you all this? It made me realize that there are going to be times when we leave things behind that are very near and dear to our hearts (especially our yarns!)

Within your knitting/crocheting supplies, leave your FIRST NAME and telephone number so that in case you do lose your supplies, someone can contact you. Put your first name and telephone number on the inside flap of your books for the same reason. This way when that poor doggy loses his way, he'll know how to get back home!!!

HAPPY STITCHING, my friends!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Knitted/Crocheted it, now I have to sew it?

You made your first sweater!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Guess what, now you have to put it together. Sewing seams is really not that hard once you get the hang of it. I like to use the Mattress stitch for sewing my seams....but....there are ways of putting this "thing" together.

We had a customer who had a pattern that she knitted and the pattern was dated from 1963. This pullover pattern was not hard to knit, but the way that she seamed it together created a small disaster.

According to the directions (again from 1963) she sewed her shoulder seams first (that was correct), then they told her to sew the side seams, then sew the sleeve seams and then sew the sleeves to the sweater (wrong, try again!)

It is much easier to sew your sleeves in first, (after you sewed your shoulders), then you have one seam going from the bottom of the sweater to the sleeve edge.

When she seemed it the way she was instructed, the cap of the sleeve puckered. This made it look ickky (if that's a word.) I had to pull out all of her seams except the shoulders and then reseam it. It took longer to pull it out then it was to sew it up!!

So (or sew), my friends, if you haven't learned how to sew your seams together and you need some help, come visit us if you are local. If you are not local, then go to your LYS (local yarn shop) and ask for advice. If you really don't want to sew your seams, we will!

Happy Stitching (or seaming!)