Saturday, July 7, 2012

Try, Try Again

I may have posted this before, but it's worth repeating. Let's say you're having trouble with a pattern, regardless if it's knitting or crocheting, and you keep taking it in and out.

For example, I was on a plane coming home from one of our conventions and was working on a class project from the convention. This was a diagonal scarf and I kept making boo-boos after boo-boos. Decided to scrub it instead of hurting the yarn. What I mean by "hurting" the yarn is I was constantly taking the scarf apart and the yarn was going to get ruined....that was NOT going to happen.

Anyway, I have found that after several tries, besides it getting frustrating, it's better to put the yarn and needles, or hook, down and go find some scrap yarn to play. The next day, I took that scrap yarn and started it up again. Got passed the area that gave me trouble and got through it!! It was then I realized where I was going wrong. Here I can mess up the yarn and not care!

Good things do come to those who wait!!! So, instead of pulling your yarn AND your hair out, try the suggestion...I'm sure you're blood pressure will love you!!

Happy Stitching, my friends!