Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pattern Knowledge

It's come to my attention that when buying yarn for a project, there are certain requirements.

The first one is that you have to find out a little bit about the yarn that the pattern is asking for. Let's say it's ABC Yarn, by XYZ Yarn Company. Before going to any knit shop, go on-line and get all the information you need. HOW? Go to any search engine, like GOOGLE, and type in ABC Yarn. You're going to find out it's: 1. Content, 2. weight (worsted, DK, etc.), 3. stitches and rows to the inch, 4. needle size. Now you're ready. Why do you need this information? When you are selecting yarn, it should be the same weight and gauge as the BALLBAND.

We had a situation where a customer brought in a book, the gauge of the project was 7 stitches to the inch using size 7 needles. When looking up the yarn that they asked for, we found out that it was a bulky yarn, gauge of 3 stitches to the inch on a size 13 needle. Completely different!!

So, before going to your LYS, go on line and do your homework. It will save you and the yarn shop owner LOTS of time!! Plus, you can start looking for the yarn that is to the pattern gauge, providing they don't have that selected yarn.

Remember, the ballband info is the key to selecting your yarn, not the gauge of the pattern!

HAPPY STITCHING, my friends!