Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sock knitting is the hottest craze. You have striped yarn, solid colors, jacquards and so much more. They come in skeins, balls, and now even FLAT FEET.'s your choice....4 needles or 2 needles or 1 lonnnnng needle?

Everyone has their preference. I learned to sock knit several years ago and got hooked on teaching it to anyone and everyone! I do like double points. To me, they make sense. I tried the 2 circular needles and honestly, I got confused! I also tried the Magic Loop method which a lot of people love. I like it to a point.....and then again, I get confused!!!

I would love to share how I learned to sock knit. You know, sometimes the Good Lord sends us people for a brief moment and then you never see them again. I had this one lady truck driver, who was just a bit taller than a fire hydrant, who drifted into our store and claimed that she loved to wear her knitted socks with clogs as she drove her 18 wheeler. She advised me to knit socks using size 15 needles. I thought that was a bit too much....I didn't want a Christmas stocking. Anyway, her point was to knit socks on larger needles so that you can see what you're doing PLUS it gets done faster! I teach sock knitting using Encore worsted weight yarn and size 7 double points. The stitcher gets the job done in 3 sessions (at least 1 sock is completed at the end of the third session.) They may not be socks that you would use in your shoes or sneakers, but they're great to walk around in the house! I love the Ann Norling pattern (#12). It gives you 3 sock gauges: Fingering, DK/Sport and Worsted. This is a GREAT beginners sock pattern and I've sold a ga-zillion of this pattern since we started teaching.

So, regardless of how many needles you use: 4, 2 or even 1 lonnng one, the point is (ha ha) to learn how to sock knit. Try it......I promise you ..... you will LOVE IT!!

Oh, and by the way, I took that Ann Norling pattern one Friday afternoon, used size 10 double points and created a Christmas stocking!! It was finished 2 days later on a Sunday evening! It's hanging on our store's wall.

HAPPY (SOCK) KNITTING, my friends!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.....

Years ago, when the scarf craze was HOT, we used to knit or crochet with fancy yarns...and it was mostly with 2 yarns together. I remember knitting a triangular scarf riding in the car to our daughter's house. I said to myself...'I don't need to separate these yarns, I'll be okay.' So wrong!!!

As I'm riding, I'm cutting and knotting, cutting and knotting, and then I cut and I knotted again!!!

So, how do you avoid this mess? You can do a few things: either put each ball of yarn in a zip lock bag OR we carry zippered vinyl bags that have either 1, 2 or 3 holes in the top. This way, the yarn is separated, but in one container!!

It really doesn't matter which yarns you're putting together.....just separate them. They will definitely fight like 2 unruly children. Don't be cocky and NOT separate them---trust me!!! You will definitely be happy that you did!!

HAPPY STITCHING, my friends!!