Monday, November 23, 2009


How many times have you made a mistake? Countless, right? Is it worth getting crazy over, crying over or throwing a tantrum? NO!

I look at our projects as a learning experience. So what you knitted instead of purling. Take it out, fix it and continue on your journey. Don't be a cry baby!! Again, it's only knitting or crocheting. Cry over something important: for example, your children, husband, your health. That's worthy of your worry!!

I've come to the conclusion after crossing milestones in my life that I want to enjoy my needlework and not get that upset with my errors. Everytime I make a mistake and it gets corrected, I fix it, and go on my merry way. Do I get annoyed at myself? You bet!! I'm still human, but I say my peace, fix and continue!! Then I give myself an "at-a-girl" and then I'm proud when it's completed.

Folks, life is too short to sweat the "small stuff."

Sit back, kick off your shoes, pick up your needles or hook and ENJOY!!

HAPPY STITCHING, my friends!